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Essential House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

If you have a pet, you understand how hard it can be to keep your house clean. There is pet hair everywhere, dirt that gets tracked in, your furniture is scuffed or chewed up, and then there’s that wet dog smell that sticks around… Continue Reading “Essential House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners”

Tips for Successful Pet Hikes

Dogs can make excellent hiking companions, regardless of their size and every good dog deserves to go along on outdoor adventures. Before you hit the trails, consider these tips to help make the most of hiking with your dog while being good trail ambassadors… Continue Reading “Tips for Successful Pet Hikes”

Tips for Natural Flea Control

You and your dog love the outdoors but the battle against fleas is always a concern. If your companion spends a good deal of time outdoors, it’s important to treat these areas to manage for fleas and other pests. At Superior Labb, we want… Continue Reading “Tips for Natural Flea Control”

5 Steps To Treat Anxiety In Dogs

Watching your dog live through anxiety and distress can feel terrible.  When you become a dog parent, you plan for a lot of walks and cuddles and the worst things you plan for are excessive shedding or boredom. Planning for the potential issues that… Continue Reading “5 Steps To Treat Anxiety In Dogs”